Happy Client's


What my clients say about me

“Jacqueline has been an invaluable source of advice, motivation and guidance throughout my journey of ‘coming into my own’ again. Having gone through transformational changes in my life in the past year, Jacqueline quickly identified areas in which I could practice positive self-talk and alignment. She effectively identified my strengths and values and helped me create meaningful connections between my vibration and how each one of my strengths can contribute to my being (right now). Having recently launched a new business, Jacqueline always believed in my divine potential and so naturally made me shift my limiting beliefs to enjoying the present moment. Thank you for your endless belief in me and life-changing questions which shifted my perception of who I truly am. I am now living on purpose.”
Ruweyda Dool
"It was such a pleasure working with Jackie to support my colleagues’ mindfulness journey and wellbeing during the COVID-19 crisis. Jackie is an engaging facilitator (which is especially difficult in a remote session, bravo!) and was able to offer valuable guidance around coping with chaos and stress during challenging times. It’s clear that Jackie has extensive experience in positive psychology, empowering others, and helping individuals find their own strength within themselves. Lastly, and most importantly, Jackie was generous with her time and is a friendly, inclusive, and welcoming person to work with. We are grateful to her for sharing her knowledge and guidance with us!"
Kayla Auletto
Department for International Trade, Chicago
"Jackie has been a tremendous source of motivation and strength for me. She was extremely attentive and remembered so much from our conversations that she saw patterns that I couldn't, which helped me gain clarity on what was holding me back. With her warm and kind personality, she created a safe space for whatever emerged for me (the good and the ugly!). Being able to be myself and the growing awareness that resulted were very powerful when it came to tackling "what gets in the way". At the same time, Jackie kept us focused and always moving forward with clear, challenging but doable action steps. I'm so grateful for her skills and support!"
Alexandra Arnold
"I would like to thank you for giving me your time, support and helping me with coaching. It has been a very useful experience for me as it has given me a lot of useful information which I can take forward and use in my own coaching career. Your energy and knowledge was very inspiring to me."
Saiqa Nawaz
"Jacqueline has professionally coached me for a couple of months. The coaching sessions have helped me work through many personal and work issues; thus, I have gained a stronger discovery of my strength and values. Jacqueline is well trained in her expertise; she is armed with the knowledge and tools from positive psychology and has helped me gain insights and confidence. She is very attentive and observant in our sessions; whenever I have a shift in emotion and thoughts, she will highlight and inquire further to help me evaluate on my mental state. She has successfully challenged my thinking patterns, used reflective questions to expand my inner resources; her coaching approach has certainly helped me gain much awareness of my inner strength. I am delighted with the result of my coaching sessions with Jacqueline, and I strongly recommend her as a professional coach to anyone."
Joanne Chua
"I have had the pleasure of coaching with Jackie on numerous life issues during the past few months. She is a great listener and effective at creating an environment with many key learnings. I come away from the coaching sessions with a renewed sense of clarity and confidence to make the next step forward. Jackie’s work reflects her extensive training and experience level. She has an innate gift of listening on a deep level. Jackie is naturally genuine, supportive and non-judgmental. Her style builds trust and comfort. I highly recommend Jackie as a coach. I am confident that you will have a great coaching experience working with her."
Julie Shaver Janorschke
“During my sessions with Jackie, I have been impressed by the way she is able to draw on her natural interpersonal strengths to connect with me and help me explore different perspectives on the priorities that are top of mind. She always asks thought-provoking questions that motivate me to consider a variety of ideas and possibilities. Jackie’s expertise in positivity and mindfulness (including her amazing guided meditations) add a unique flavor to her approach that I appreciate so that I am not overly focused on jumping ahead into what actions I need to take. I highly recommend Jackie as a supportive coach who helps her clients move forward with confidence and clarity.”
Karin Goettsch
Principal, Global Collaboration Insights
"Jackie’s coaching is insightful, supportive and affirming as we reflect on the choices and actions I am taking to achieve my goals. She has a lovely manner and an intuitive, intelligent way of bringing forth higher perspectives and a deeper understanding of the issues I am dealing with. I feel uplifted after each session, and somehow life seems easier to negotiate as things start dropping into place. Thank you so much Jackie for working with me, and I highly recommend your coaching to others."
Jacqueline Murray
“Jacqueline hosted a webinar on “The Secret to Achieving Your New Years Resolutions" for our members and we could not have been happier with the results. Jacqueline is committed, passionate and knowledgeable, her understanding and application for different tools and techniques was exactly what we were looking for. Jacqueline was able to engage with every participant and give actionable tools for everyone to use for their individual needs. Jacqueline would surely make a fantastic contribution to any client she would work with.”
Marta Conte
Editor in Chief at Bébé Voyage
"Jackie offered my team a series of mindfulness sessions that were our weekly anchor in a time of uncertainty. It wasn’t just about each session (which were each intrinsically brilliant) but it was, as a whole, a lovely journey in which each session connected to the previous one and so did we, allowing deeper connections with ourselves as the weeks passed. I am really grateful for her valuable work. It didn’t end there with the sessions, it stays with me in my day-to-day life."
Silvina Lindner
Country Director, British Embassy Montevideo
"Working with Jackie via our online coaching sessions I was able to tap into some of the resources I had overlooked and gain some true perspective in terms of my resilience and my strength. It has never been easy for me to be compassionate towards myself although I am good at telling others to be kind to themselves. Having Jackie to bounce ideas off and to reflect my strengths and achievements - no matter how small I consider them to be (!) - has been fantastic and helped me create energy to do and achieve more. Jackie has always listened to what I am saying on a deeper level and has been able to sensitively challenge some of the automatic phrases I have said which have been holding me back. Jackie is personable and has such a warm personality which has made it easier to free flow and speak from my heart without fear of judgement. This really helped me to get to some of the understandings about my behaviours or my thoughts. Thank you for all of your energy, enthusiasm and kindness."
Angel Albayrak
"I'm still implementing a lot of what I learnt in coaching, and on a daily basis too. I'm running again and I laugh at how my 1st excuse was that I could only run if I had new trainers. I'm looking after my mental health a lot more and putting myself first. I could have never imagined for so much to change in a short amount of time. I'm so grateful!"
Farah Yakub